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The more information provided, the faster we can identify the available office properties that closest fit your size, location, prestige, and price requirements.

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Why use a Tenant Broker?
Your satisfaction is our only business objective. Your PMR broker represents you and has no allegiances to particular building owners. Your broker spends all of their time investigating spaces and working for you. The commitment is the advantage we offer.

More than 90% of New York commercial real estate firms represent specific buildings or building owners. They put the building owner's needs first and your requirements second - when time permits. You PMR broker truly works for you and your success!

100% Satisfaction  Your broker will relentlessly search for the perfect NYC space until you are 100% satisfied

100% Devotion  We will negotiate and secure the best lease terms possible, including landlord concessions such as construction allowances, free rent and other additional services

100% Confidential  Your personal and business information is held in the strictest confidence

The Long-term
PMR is always available as your in-house consultant to advise your firm on all of its New York commercial real estate needs, including:

  • Finding you new spaces, rentals, or sublets
  • Negotiating renewals for leases, rentals, or subjects
  • Expansion of space in your current building
  • Finding warehouse or back-office space leases, rentals or sublets
  • Reviewing current lease terms and answering any of your NYC real estate questions

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